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If you happened to have read my bucket list, you'd know that to wander off to a foreign land with a backpack, tops the list.

But it seems quite impossible, not just for me, for any female, doesn't it? To travel alone to a foreign land sounds too absurd when it comes from a woman. There's so much danger in it which is quite impossible for a woman to cope up with, all alone.

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Bringing you the good news, it isn't so anymore. Wondering about if I could ever actually get such a chance, I sat down with my laptop to explore the internet with a wild hope of finding a way for this wish to come true and voila! I stumbled upon TheBackpackerCo. and it answers all of our prayers.

About TheBackpackerCo.:

Yogi and Suchna believe in taking the road less travelled and stumbling upon some hidden gems along the way!
For over a decade, they've mapped their way across various continents, sniffed out unusual routes, discovered new flavours and stayed at quirky hostels. The Backpacker Co is their expression of soul travel. Be it solo travelling or a group holiday, the team here loves crafting unique holidays packed with local experiences and plenty of room for impromptu detours. They believe in making 'Your Trip, Your Way' so it's a perfect fit with you and your personality!
What is Backpacking?

The basic backpacking means travelling by simple means, often on foot, carrying all of your belongings with you including some simple shelter like a tent to sleep in. However, thebackpackerco has revolutionalized the meaning of this form of travelling by making a few changes. Backpacking now-a-days means travelling by air to far off lands, staying at funky hostels and hotels, experiencing things like the locals and exploring the place like never before.

Started in 2004, TheBackpackerCo. became India's first backpacker-centric travel planner. The website for the same was launched in 2006. The company is focused on planning overseas travels for the backpackers.

Whilst people pay for their tickets and clear their visas, the team at thebackpackerco provides for a customised travel plan by arranging for cost-cutting accommodation, places to travel on the basis of the traveller's interest and the time required to accomplish the same without bounding the traveller's to follow a tour guide, hence allowing them to relish the time they spend in the foreign land.

What makes them stand out in the crowd of the several existing Travel Planners?

* Every single plan they put in front of you has been designed by experts.

They say. "Travel with your friends. Travel with a group. Travel solo or as a single woman. We've travelled as all three, so we know what's on your mind, your concerns and fears. Apart from great locations, we focus on safety and quality to ensure that your journey is as exciting as the destination."

* Ever heard anybody tell you that they went on a foreign trip and sat under a shady tree to soak in the beauty of the breathtaking view that place had to offer? Of course not, because of schedules!!
Usually foreign trips become more tiresome than fun trips with all the fun squeezed out of them as you are forced to follow the guides around and are given no time to spend even a minute or two more at a place you really like because, yes, once again, schedules!

The backpackers do away with this misery of the travelling pants by providing flexible day plans giving you ample of free time to go and explore and enjoy.

Trip Categories:

Topping the charts, 'Girlfriend Getaways' is the answer to the prayers of every girl craving for a slice of wanderlust. Gather up your BFFs and fly away to any country of your choice.

Girlfriend Getaways!

The Upcoming Oktoberfest in Germany has kept several wanderers on their toes. The Backpackers offer you an exclusive table at the fest in their trip 'Okto'Beer'Fest'.


Have some place on your mind that is nowhere on the list? The 'Customize Backpack Trip' let's you point your finger on the map and presents a travel plan accordingly.

Cutomize Backpack Trip

So, what are you waiting for? This is how you check off the backpacking trip from your bucket list! I will too, in the future.

For more details, visit the site: http://thebackpackerco.com/

Share your backpacking experiences or the stories of women travelling alone, if you have any, in the comment box below!! Would love to hear from you!

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