Importance of Growth and Development Of Your Child

In this furiously advancing age of technology, health is the being ignored more than Internet Explorer. Kids spend more time playing with their advanced tech toys like iPads or mobile phones then the swing in the park, which apparently used to be the idea of fun, a little while back. With minimal physical activity and bags of Cheetos in their laps, the only thing the children of this age are getting good at is how to expertly gain weight at the age of eight.

This has been the cause of worry lines on the faces of most of the parents. Due to lack of the right intake of necessary nutrients, exercise and sometimes hormonal disturbances, the growth spurt that was supposed to be hitting the child decides to take a backtrack. To achieve the right height and weight as per the age, the child has to be provided with a balanced healthy diet as well as plenty of physical activity.

The lost growth not only affects the child's physical form but also traumatizes them mentally. Comparing themselves with their peers and often getting bullied for their appearance, these children face far more challenges than they are capable of and hence this becomes a leading cause of depression or a subdued personality..

Ages 3-9 is the crucial growth period for the children, if not given proper proteins and nutrients in this period, often leads to an undernourished body which invites lots of other diseases. To prevent the same at an early age, awareness in both parents and children has to be spread and taught.

Undernourishment occurs when the person doesn't eat enough nutrition to cover their needs for energy and growth. It often leads to muscle weakness, weightless and fatigue.

A good physique is the key to confidence and gives an impactful presence to the person, opening several doors of opportunities. The children should be made of aware of this so that they themselves do all that is possible to enhance their growth

In this advanced age, parents can easily educate themselves about the required nutritional intake of their child. Regular checkups with a pediatrician will help to identify any irregularity at an early stage. Parents should encourage their children to engage in sports and help them choose one of the sports they enjoy and develop the same over time. A habit inculcated at an early age stays for a lifetime, so I've heard and experienced. This practice is important for both the mental and physical health of the child since a deep insecurity developed at an early age leads to nothing but dissatisfaction and insecurity for the whole life, increased manifold.


Pediatricians say that "3-9 years is a critical growth phase for children. However, inadequate growth can sometimes happen due to fussy eating, illness or for several other possible reasons. Growth lost in early childhood requires specialized nutrition in order to catch up, but parents must make sure that adequate nutrition is provided so that catch-up growth happens".

A child falling behind on growth requires a higher dosage of nutrients than normal to catch up on the lost growth and development. Horlicks has introduced a new health supplement, Horlicks Growth+, that has all the required high-quality necessary nutritions that are required by a child to catch up on the lost growth and development faster. Designed and recommended by international pediatric experts this drink is clinically proven to show visible growth in 6 months in children in the age group of 3-9 years who are lagging behind  in achieving the right height and weight.
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"We are guilty of many errors and many faults, but our worst crime is abandoning the children, neglecting the foundation of life. Many of the things we need can wait. The child cannot. Right now is the time his bones are being formed, his blood is being made and his senses are being developed. 
To him, we cannot answer 'Tomorrow'. His name is 'Today'." 

~Gabriela Mistral, 1948

What, in your opinion, is the importance for a child to catch up on lost growth?
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