Do you support the Right to Die?

Do You Support The Right To Die?

Euthanasia means the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma.

In a recent conversation that I had with my teacher, here's what I had to say: 

Death isn't cruel. Sometimes, it's rather peaceful.
For someone suffering, death is the only medicine. Would you call it cruel? It's the way it chooses to arrive that is cruel.


The most obvious question:

Only for the one who is relieved. What about the related people?

The related people thank the stars for this help that they didn't have to do themselves. At least someone, the one who truly cared to see them relieved. Why don't they make it legal? Is it really wrong? I wonder.

I think it's rather selfish of related people to think that their dear one should stay as long as they can even though they cannot perform the basic functions. They depend on you for everything and can't do a single thing themselves. Half of the body is wrecked, all slaughtered just in order to keep that heart beating. Is it really worth it?

I've been to the Intensive Surgical Unit of a Hospital myself, as a patient though not in the least bit as horrific a condition as the people I saw there. I would give anything to remove that image from my mind, but I can't. I can't and it hurts to know that their related ones don't see what they're going through.

I don't say that you should give up even when there's a chance of betterment but to keep someone suffering, to prolong that period just in order to keep them close knowing that sooner or later they will go away, I don't think it's justified.

If that person is in such pain and suffering that they can't talk, can't tell you what they want when they want it, is it really right for you to decide that they should stay just so that you could have some more moments with them, to see them move their eyelids or the tiny little finger in order to convey to you that they are not dead, yet?

What would you do?

Would you choose they stay and keep battling with life, take 4 hours to muster up the energy to move that tiny finger?

Would that make you any happier if they died themselves, in the end, while working up their every last breath to make sure you knew they were there?

Why do you think it's not legal in India?

For someone unaware and extremely patriotic would immediately point out that foreigners don't love their people as much as we do, I'd like to know what makes India not legalise a practice that ends up working rather more effectively in giving peace to the people they love more than Havans they perform in their name after their demise?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and be humble in stating your point.

Until next time,
Be kind to one another! 
Bye bye! :)

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