Discovering Real Togetherness!

We're all so affected by technology that we have forgotten that there existed an era, not too deep in the history, in which no one had mobile phones, laptops, Ipods etc and people were still happy. Today, if you tell someone that life would have been better without a mobile phone, you'd be stared at like a maniac and I too will be staring at you.

No matter how easy being connected has become due to these technological upgrades that we wear on us, spending time with someone in person is still far out of the reach of the virtual connections we have made.

Being a slave to a life that is driven by technology, I'm on a mission to find the meaning of Real Togetherness.

What is real togetherness?

For me, it has several meanings like -

  • Eating together with no phones allowed. Enjoying the food and each other's company!

  • A cup of tea or coffee with your kith and kin beats all the chats on WhatsApp, Facebook,       Viber etc.

  • Instead of making technology that would bring us close or solve the big troubles that we are facing, all we've done is create the best possible devices to help us augment our distance from each other. 

    I saw this wonderful video by Kissan that is the perfect portrayal of real togetherness-

    Kissanpur - Discovering Real Togetherness

    What does real togetherness mean to you?

    Share with me in the comments box and help the world in breaking the shackles of the digital world and instead get down to the roots and connect in person, by feeling and sharing real emotions in the real world. Discover Real Togetherness. :)

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