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'Bolte Raho'

These two words are what make our world happening and lively. Wondering what they mean? 'Bolte Raho' translated to English, means 'Keep speaking'!

However, has widened the meaning of these words to much more than just speaking pointlessly. Bolteraho is one of India's leading content sharing and publishing websites that is all set to bombard its way to the top. Launched in February 15', BolteRaho is on a continuous quest to bring to you original and unpublished content for your knowledge and entertainment.

Not just that, anything that's trending will have a BolteRaho standing. Be it the loss of an Indian Legend or the apocalypse of fats in your system. From entertainment to food and from food to knowledge, just name it and they've got it all.

Why BolteRaho when so many such sites already exist?

I'll tell you why. BolteRaho isn't like just any other content sharing website that you follow, it's rather a quite distinguished platform. How and why? Read for yourself-

"One day, Harsha (Co-Founder) and I were pondering how nice it would be if there is a platform created for budding writers, author and bloggers to get their work published in just a click right away. We found many talents are being buried since they couldn’t find a right platform to help them showcase their talents in the right way. Adding to this, monetizing with the published works will aim for two birds in one stone. This one spark gave us the motivation to start BolteRaho, and now we have made it!" - says the Founder, Mr. Jitender Bhandari who comes from a small town called Jorhat in Assam (India) with humongous dreams to revolutionize the World.

Unlike other platforms, BolteRaho has been built in order to provide a base and pace to the raw talent, worldwide. Not only do you get to read the content, you get to publish your own on the website. As if that wasn't good enough, to top it all, you get to earn from you published content! How cool is that? B)

Within a few months of being launched, BolteRaho managed to mark its presence by becoming one of the top 20000 most visited websites in India.

"Our target for next 12 months is to be the top 1000 most visited website in India and top most content sharing website in India. We are working hard to become the priority choice for authors and bloggers to share their creativity and hands. We are also in talks with few investors who have shown keen interest in investing on BolteRaho to take this to the next level." says Jitender on being asked about the next goal.

To enlighten their readers with new and engaging content, they have managed to cover all the categories be it the daily dose of fun and humour or a foodie's delight, anything and everything in the news night, the major changes in the technology world, the excitement of the sport enthusiasts or the euphoria of the travelling pants.

The users get a chance to explore several categories to satiate their hunger for knowledge and entertainment topped with the chocolate sauce by the name of contests and giveaways.
To reward their users for their loyalty, the team has made sure to keep them engaged by bringing in new contests and giveaways every now and then.

You can check out their current giveaway here: BolteRaho Giveaway

You can check out their latest contest here: Youth Essay Writing Contest

Jitender further adds that the credit of their success goes entirely to the teamwork of the BolteRaho team comprising of 20 young and energetic humans, ready to serve the world with simplified yet knowledgeable content every day.

With its simple yet decent design and easy to find and use content, BolteRaho is sure top the charts in no time. For more information, check out the site itself!

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