Transformation: My Dream Room!

"They say that our home is a reflection of our personality. Everything in our room stands for a part of us; be it the colour or a knickknack you picked up during your travels."

I couldn't agree more with the above line! Our home is indeed a reflection of our personality, but our room is where soul rests, which defines us better than anything or any place in this world.

If given a chance to transform my room into my dream room, my personalised version, then this is how things would take a z-turn (because 'U' is too mainstream, you know?):

With my childhood spent in watching the Disney fairies and princesses living in huge castles, having grand rooms, queen size beds soaked in amazing colours.

I have been obsessed with round canopied beds ever since I saw one and I haven't gotten over it yet and I probably will never get over it, until of course I get one for myself. A soft, fluffy bed that I can snuggle into after long hours of work and sink in the softness of its mattress. However, I'd like the bed to be at a corner, i.e., attached to a wall so that, firstly, it doesn't take up unnecessary space, secondly, it provides me a place to rest my back when I decide to read a book or two, and finally so that it can be accompanied by the bedside stools for keeping my alarm clock and the cup of coffee while I read! :)

The colour and the look of the bed would be like the one down under, but the positioning would be like the next image.

Not impossible, you see? :D

Moving on, I want the colour of three walls to be any of the three: Lavender, carnation or cantaloupe.
The fourth wall, the largest one probably, should be a light shade of cream/off-white so that I can put a wallpaper or a wall sticker on it. The fourth wall should be the one opposite the wall which supports the bed.
Unlike the usual practice, I'd like to put the wallpaper on the wall facing the bed rather than the one behind it because I'd like to see the wall which I beautified more than any other when I wake up rather than leaving it to watch me sleeping like a seal. Although, I won't mind a few lighting wonders on the wall with the bed. It's trending, you know! :D

About the wallpaper, I'd like to go with something plain and exclusive. Something with a meaning instead of just abstract paints. Something natural, maybe a waterful or blooming flowers or the one depicting autumn!

Source for image 1:
Source for image 2:


The idea of wall sticker seems way better to me because it can be changed frequently and easily and is cost effective! That's why an off-white or cream paint on the wall!

Moving on to the bookshelf, the most important object in my room, shall be the one exactly like the one shown in the image below, rather better than this. It's not just a bookshelf, but a complete solution for a reader as it provides enough reading space and a comfortable sitting or laying down space.

Next is the mini sofa set or maybe just one sofa plus a table for the bedroom living area. I'd like something to laze around on as well as something for my guests to sit on. The images below are both ideal and I'm indifferent about the choice until I get a better idea. 

Source of image 1:
Source of image 2:


I'm more of a bean bag kind of person, so maybe a pair of those would be a better idea, what say?

Source of image 1:
Source of image 2:


The bedroom flooring will be either light hardwood or marble tiles.

Source of image 1:
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Although, the flooring will be self-sufficient still I wouldn't mind a carpet on the floor if the spacing allows.

Now, about the ceiling. The ceiling should be bright, pure and shining white accompanied by the nowadays popular hidden ceiling lights with a mandatory chandelier in the centre. Somewhat like the images below, but a bit more grand and with a beautiful chandelier.

Source of image 1:
Source of image 2:


The wall on the backside of the bed should have wall lamps on both ends of the bed along with the modern lighting. The room should be well illuminated.
I do not want any cupboards or spacing in my room as that will form part of my Dressing Room! The only storage I require in my bedroom would be in form of a drawer! Something like this:

Simple yet beautiful. :)
That is pretty much all that I want in my personal bedroom. It may seem like a lot but it actually isn't too much! A room like this is what would define me, my taste and my personality. A room that I wouldn't want to leave for anything! :)

Check out this sketch I made on my phone last year:
My sketch!

The thought behind it being: "To wake up to something that I dream, I know I have to sleep after putting all my best efforts."

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Share your thoughts about my dream room and how you would like your dream room to be in the comments box! Would love to know your views! :)

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