20 Things You'll Learn In Your 20's!

20 Things You'll Learn In Your 20's!

"The time in your twenties is a chance to really pursue your dreams. You have no obligations, you can work 24/7 and you have nothing to lose."

It's been a year since I entered my twenties and this whole change in the decade of my age has brought so many things to my attention that I could gleefully ignore earlier.

Sharing some life lessons that I've learned and some that I'm yet to learn:
(No chronology. All the points have their respective significance.)

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1. Money: Start earning for yourself or minimize your expenses. You should know that the money in your pockets is borrowed (unless of course you've started earning even before you entered this decade!). Pay your bills yourself and see how it changes all the things as well as people around you! The moment you are financially free, there is nothing that can stop your life from being awesome. That moment when you count your hard-earned money, it feels like heaven, I assure you.

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2. Responsibility: What is freedom? “Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves” said Friedrich Nietzsche and it couldn't have been explained better. Your life is your responsibility and it includes the decisions made for you which you easily assented to. There neither is anyone nor there will be anyone to blame for the choices you make, so choose wisely.


3. Career: The most important choice you will ever make is that of the field you'll devote the half of your life to. Instead of following the mainstream stereotypes, explore your options, your capabilities. Push yourself beyond the limit and see how you'll find the perfect career in no time. The process would take time and resources but would be worth it in the end.

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If you take a job even after knowing the fact that the job you just took isn't the place you want to be, you'll not only waste a significant amount of your time but also waste your talent. A place that offers lesser money but the job you love would not only be a boon to your career but also to your talent. Yes, the money would be less initially but as you'll grow, the world will be yours to conquer.

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4. Time: Time and tide wait for none, don't waste it all just to have fun. Invest your time in the right things and see how it'll reward you with surprises unheard of. Get your lazy butt off the bed and make the most of every second that passes. You never know which would be your last so make sure that you make a mark, that you leave the traces of your existence. Time is precious, waste it wisely!

5. Health: Growing up infuses so much energy and excitement in you that you ignore altogether the shape your body has dwelled itself into. And by the time you realize it, you'll be too old to do anything about it. Exercise and take care of your body while you are young so that you can stay alive to tell the tales of the way you rocked the world in your youth when the old age strikes. Smoking, drinking, drugs, and tobacco, etc are some things that make sure you die earlier than fate had planned. You should resort to such ideas of fun only when you've got a dare to end your life before predicted by the strokes on your hand.

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6. Family: Family comes first, whatever happens. The person you have been in love with (relationships, not one-sided love) is also family, so don't just leave them mid-way in the name of the family. And hey, if they don't seem to be family, you haven't been in love. Your family is the only bunch of human beings in this whole wide world who would never give up on you and will hold your back in the worst of times.

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7. Friendships: Friendship is sacred. Your relationship with thousands of humans whom you are virtually connected with isn't friendship. Don't call them friends just because Facebook does.
You don't have the time or emotional space to deal with people who drain you of time or happiness without restoring it. Do away with the negativity in your life and cherish the people who make sure that you smile all the time.

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8. Future: This is the time you should be investing in your future. Not just visualize but achieve the dreams that have been in your mind and heart for so long. Don't let your past play tricks on you. No denying the fact that the future will be confusing, uncertain, unpredictable but what fun would life be if you knew what's gonna happen next! So, accept the past, live in the present and embrace the future with open arms.

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9. Failure: Failure is the most important ingredient of success. Don't deny it. Don't hide. Accept and attack for victory. Remember that to taste failure in the early days is better than to recognize its bitterness when you are high on success.

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Failure neither is nor was the end. It's just life's way to tell us that we didn't put the right amount of efforts, that a loophole remained which took us down. So, get up and identify that loophole instead of sitting and mourning about the forced stamp on your forehead.

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10. Marriage: Marriage is not based on a certain age, it's the time when you realize that the person you want to spend your life with is standing right in front of you and all you need to do is ask. If you are in love and want to settle down early, it hardly matters what the world has to say about your decision (mind you, mutual consent is required, so don't get any wild ideas!).

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Life is bound to become even more beautiful if you get to share all the experiences with a person who you regard as your soulmate.

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11. Expectations: 'Expectations hurt'- one of the oldest and cruelest truth. Instead of learning it the hard way, lessen your expectations and live a happy life. The more you expect out of people, the more is the pain when they are not met.
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12. Change: Change is the only constant. To change with the times, the surroundings is the only way to survive in this world.

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No one said it would be easy. Remember that changing is difficult, but not changing is fatal.

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13. Stress: With freedom comes stress, but it's up to you how to prevent being a mess. Organize things, plans and your cupboard instead of leaving them open. Half of the time, we don't even know what we are stressing about. Just avoid getting trapped in such situations by not worrying about things that are not under your control.


14. Discipline: No no no, I don't mean that 'Attention - Stand at ease' kind of discipline. I mean the kind in which you sleep at night and stay awake in the daytime. easy, ain't it? Discipline is just doing what you know needs to be done, even though you don't want to.

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15. Self-Acceptance: At this time of life, if you are able to accept yourself as who you are, there's no doubt you'll be more, no, much more successful then people who are busy in trying to make themselves look like those who they aren't. #BeReal, accept yourself and shout it out loud that you love yourself for who you are. Oh, and ignore the bitches that say otherwise. 

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16. Self-Confidence: The worst thing you can do to yourself is to compare yourself with someone else and feel bad about how you lack at being more like them. This has to stop if you ever wish to live happily. Be confident of who you are.

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17. Savings: Now that you are earning, there will be no stopping you from spending the entire bundle that just fell in your hand. That's where you need to put a toll station and deposit a certain amount every time the bundle braces your hand. There should be neither an open entry nor an open exit. Save for the one dream which you can't afford to realize today! Save for the future, you'll thank your stars later.
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18. Apologies: Learn to accept your mistakes and to apologize instead of trying to find a person to blame for the blunder. The burden of your mistakes is yours to bear. Nobody will/should pay for them, but you. The lesser time you spend in thinking whether you should apologize or not, the more time the person will stay in your life. But make sure not to apologize for things that you don't regret because that would be a bigger sin then the original one that you just apologized for.

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19. Priorities: This is the time when you learn to set your priorities, when you distinguish between what is more important and what is not. The high-school priorities will now seem funny because you hardly knew anything about life at that time. Your priorities will form your image, your character, so choose what you'd like to be referred as.

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20. Travel: Any  amount of time or resources that you invest in traveling will be one of the best investments you'll ever make to explore your being. To travel alone is to know thyself, a lot better than before, a little less than next time. Not only does it help in sorting out your myriad thoughts but also helps in your evolution.
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Your 20's will be a roller coaster ride, you'll just need to hold on tight. So go out and seize the day! 

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Hope you can relate to these things!
Share the things that you learned in your 20's in the comment box!
Happy Reading! :)

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