Travel Story: Escapade in Mumbai!

Here I am, after 6 days of exploring a different city, making memories, both bitter and sweet. To be truthful, I've been there before, but this time around, it was all different because I was on my own. Well yeah, not exactly because that place is swarming over with my relatives, but my journey to and from the airport has been all mine and that holds the plot twist. I travelled to 'Dil Ki Bajariya Bambai Nagariya'. Here's how it went:

Day 1:

- Reached the airport so late that I might as well have missed my flight. But no worries because it’s Jodhpur and we know people everywhere! :D

- Shared my seat with a beautiful lady who was flying to Bengaluru. She gave me her window seat and I can't thank her enough for that. The view of the land from up above in the sky was like browsing on Google maps, with 100 times better view. Every piece of land was so beautifully outlined that it seemed like a drawing by an ace artist. To say nothing about the breathtaking beauty of the swiftly floating misty clouds that weight around 1.1 million pounds or more, individually, no kidding.
If you look closely, you can see the land too.
- My mobile network, Idea, ditched me as soon as I landed in Mumbai and that’s the worst thing to happen to someone who is travelling alone. Truly, no idea, sir Ji. However, with the help of a known family from far off relatives, I got into a taxi and made my way to the place I was supposed to stay at.

- They moved! And I had an address that would have taken 2 hrs 30 min to reach the destination I was currently at, hoping to find their house. Thankfully, as I mentioned above, I have a lot of relatives and friends in Mumbai and I managed to reach one because I've been there before.

- They place I finally ended up staying at has a breathtaking view and is worth bragging about.

The view from the balcony from Anmol Prestige.

- The nachos at Cream Centre were yum.

- Oh and meet my pretty companion who shared not just her time, but also her room with me. Thanks, darling!

Oh, how I miss our late night gossips! That family tree is still due. :D
Day 2:
- No aid about my network problem. Helpless!

- Went to Palladium, Phoenix in Lower Parel. It’s the mall that has all the things that can be called expensive. No kidding, this was not my idea of shopping in Mumbai! :D

- Greeted by an hour or two long billing queue in Zara because the sale had started that morning. It seemed like the store was being attacked by people in war to gather what they could and claim it before anyone else could. Chaos, in one word.

- The best thing about the day was meeting these wonderful people for the first time. It was planned, yes. But the distances and travelling made sure there was no way we could meet. However, the universe conspired to make us meet! :D I never thought that a competition could acquaint me with people so awesome. Presenting three members from my team Kalakaar Colony, Keyur, Jigish, and Manisha.

From left to right: Manisha, Jigish, Keyur and Me
It never felt like I was meeting them for the first time. Bombay Blues was a good place to go to with these hardcore Mumbaikars!

- And after an hour of standing in the queue, we finally got our turn. Lunch at Punjab Grill helped to boost up our energy.

- Vada pav and Dosa (South Indian dish) from a roadside shop that has won an award for the best Vada Pav was amazing!

Day 3:
- Went to Inorbit and shopped till I was broke!

- McD and Gelato were a perfect pair for lunch.

- The lit lane of Lokhandwala market is a shopper’s paradise. And the Chat shop that of a foodie. I enjoyed the yummy Pani Puri and Sev Poori.

- Oh and got my network back too by getting my sim checked on the nearest Idea service centre.

Day 4:
-The day started with watching the movie Pitch Perfect 2 with a cousin and a knucklehead! I absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The knucklehead and I!
Met her after a very long time! She has grown even crazier.

- Later in the evening, headed out to Infinity 2 with my sisters and we window shopped! It’s fun when we shop with like minded people! :D
- We parted and when I was alone, I went to this store named Max and started browsing. While
choosing a T-shirt for my brother, I asked this salesman for a particular size for which he shook his head. Then came another man running and told me that the first man cannot listen or speak. I was, well, taken aback. Nevertheless, I continued browsing.

The store in Infinity, Malad
Then I went to the ladies section and chose a top. I was having a hard time choosing another colour so I asked the man in charge if they have any other print in a colour I chose. To my surprise, he too shook his head. Then he told me through signs that he too can't speak or listen. I was shocked, yet again. But this time, I didn't take off. I asked him through signs that which colour should I take, the required size in particular colours. We had fun. It wasn't out of pity that I talked to him. I talked to him as I would have talked to a normal person, the only thing, though, he was way better than any normal person I saw. It was so easy to communicate and it felt so good. I took two Tees from that counter, one of my choice and one of his. My heart warmed with respect for that store for hiring physically disabled people as their salesmen. This is the one moment that I'm not going to forget, ever.

- Attacked dominos for dinner at night with my big brother. Yum, as usual.

Day 5:
- Went to Oberoi in the morning.

- In the afternoon, we hit the road for Linking road, a roadside market famous for footwear, handbags, and clothes. If you know how to bargain, you'll be saving a significant amount of money by shopping here. Anyways, I suck at it.

- Watched Disney’s Inside Out at night and took lunch at Bhagat Tarachand. This movie is a must watch for everyone! It’s beyond words.

- Got home late at night and packed my things.

Day 6:
- Got up early and left for the airport. Checked-in and sat peacefully in the waiting area, waiting for
the gate to open for boarding the flight. Left my luggage on my seat and asked my neighbour to keep an eye on it, went to take a snack.

- Brought back with me a bottle of lemon fresh from Minute Maid. After I drank to my fill and offering it to my neighbours, I sat there peacefully, thinking about home.

- Bored? Here comes the plot twist. I was very happy that my father won’t complain this time around because I reached the airport on time. To my horror, I was unable to find my Boarding Pass, once I settled on my seat. Panicked, I traced my way back to the shop that I went to, leaving my luggage on my seat in the watch of the two gentlemen sitting beside me, who gratefully agreed. No sign of that damned piece of paper. Came back to my seat, searched my handbag thoroughly but all in vain. So much for peace, eh?

- The men advised me to get a new boarding pass as only 40 minutes remained in boarding the flight. I rushed to a lady who was one of the coordinators there and asked for help. After a lecture of ‘I shouldn't be so careless’, she asked permission of the senior-most officer to get me a duplicate boarding pass. She told me to stand near the officer’s counter and went ahead to get my duplicate boarding pass. Time was flying like a rocket. It was 9:45 before I knew and the time of my flight was 10:05 a.m.! Around this time, I was more concerned about my luggage than my boarding pass. If the boarding would have started, that would leave my luggage unattended while I was standing above here. Finally, she reappeared with a duplicate pass at 9:50 a.m.!

- I ran all the way down to find the both men still sitting around it as the boarding hadn’t started. Just as I gave them the good news, they both told me to relax. The boarding started soon after and I waved them thanks as I joined in the queue.

- The beautiful view from the window seat was once again mine to savour, but I decided to sleep through it. Homesick, as I was.

- Landed safely and headed home with Papa only to find the original boarding pass in my second-hand luggage bag. *Massive Facepalm* Invited another lecture of ‘How careless I’ve always been’.


However big and better Mumbai might be, it doesn't give me the peace I have at home. There was an uneasiness in the air, the highly populated air overpowers the high opportunities the city has to offer.

Nevertheless, it's one of the places I want to live in.

The mandatory selfie!
So, that’s all about my visit to Mumbai! A much-needed vacation that I almost ruined! :D

Do share your crazy experiences in the comment box! :)

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