Health is Wealth: A Healthy Balanced Diet!

With the advent of Summer, comes the season of Ice creams, milkshakes, smoothies and what not. Monsoon brings with itself a stack full of fried food like Bread Pakodas, Dal-Baati Churma, Samosas, along with the sweet Malpua (Pancakes).

I know your mouth is watering by now but no, I'm not writing to woo you to go to your mother and plead for the Paneer Pakoda or rush to a sweet shop around the corner. Rather, I'm here to tell you that why you shouldn't even think about them.

Vacations in the summer and outings in the rain give you plenty of chances to gulp your favorite junk down your throat without thinking twice. I agree, I am no exception to it. The thought of a hot, cheesy, loaded with veggies pizza has the power to make me hungry even after I've eaten to my fill. Hold your growling stomach and let me tell you why do you need to bring down to zero, your intake of Junk food and abandon your sweet tooth.

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With the growing pace of our life, our lifestyle is finding it hard to match its speed. So, in order to just move a step closer, we don't even give a second thought to what might be the consequences of our actions.

We all have very busy lives, with no time for our health. We have our jobs, businesses, tuitions, schools and the social media. We are hardly ever free to think about ourselves. Food, one of the main source of survival for man isn't quite the safest way to survive if eaten without thinking about what's good or bad it might do. To grab a burger from McD or a Samosa from Janta won't really help you much in reaching that meeting early, rather might make you see the doctor first. The cause of your increasing weight is none other than this unhealthy food choice. Later on, this round shape of your body often leads you to take extreme measures like going on diets to improve your appearance.

To match this fast moving life, we need to adhere to a balanced healthy diet. As you all must have read in your grade 2/3 about what a healthy balanced diet is, let me refresh your memory.

A healthy balanced diet is one that ensures the intake of every required protein and nutrients essential for our body from the best sources on a regular basis.

Benefits of a healthy balanced diet:

- Makes you feel light on your toes: It helps in keeping your belly fat in check.

- Acts as a shield to combat diseases: When your body has all the required nutrients in the proper amounts, it becomes hard for a disease to come near you, let alone touch.

- Makes you a powerhouse of energy: When you eat a balanced diet including whole grains, fruits and vegetables your body has the fuel that it needs to regulate your energy level.

- Elongates your lifetime: When you make sure that your body gets what it needs to stay healthy, then your body helps you surpass the ill effects of aging and hence offering you a healthier and longer life.

- Stay fit, stay young: Once you control your food habits, there is no need to look at the medical techniques of making you look younger. Your healthy body will be envied by masses.

On the other hand, the often used method of losing weight quickly, the 'Crash diet', is the reason you are bound to stick to your bed. A crash diet involves fasting, rigorous exercise with almost no intake of food, or just liquid diets.

Often, young girls resort to this diet for losing weight fast but they forget the nutritional compromises they agree to in the process.


At a glance, the prospect of a crash diet may seem tempting and it might even work but something that can be achieved so easily is bound to come with several side effects. 

- Lost weight is regained with twice the speed. After you lose weight from a crash diet, it increases with twice the speed if you don't maintain it.

- Your body is drained of energy. Your body weakens. 

- It disturbs the metabolism of your body because of your irregular or almost no intake of food. 

For a better and healthy lifestyle, give up the idea of going on crash diets because they do nothing but deteriorate your health quotient. The internet is full of diet plans for every type, shape and size of the body that you can possibly think of. However, it is strongly recommended that before advancing to a diet you should consult your doctor.

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