'Faide ka Sauda' on Faida.com

Ever wondered how much more exciting buying or selling would become when you get to give away your old and unused goods in exchange of new and cooler stuff with no involvement of money? This old practice of exchanging things instead of selling them for a certain medium of exchange, money, was abolished a long time back. However, I stumbled upon this newly launched online barter site while browsing about online selling sites named, Faida.com. As the name suggests, it's a 'Faide ka Sauda' for both the parties to exchange! Let me tell you how:

Here's what their 'About Us' section has to say:
Faida.com started with one simple goal in mind “we are going to change the world in the way people exchange items and services and we will make sure that they get better value out of it”.
Things get much more interesting when cash is not involved and you can get amazing things in exchange of your old unwanted stuff lying around in your house or office. Your clutter is someone else’s gold…and same goes for others (vice versa).

At Faida.com we use simple technology in complex ways, to make sure every exchange has your Faida in it. Realize a better value of your unwanted stuff by exchanging it for something you may need/want or desire at Faida.com.
All this for free! Bina Cash, Karo Aish!!

Faida.com is a Jaipur based start-up, launched on 15th of March 2015, that has dared to bring back the oldest form of exchange, the Barter system of exchange.

What is the Barter System?
The barter system is one of the oldest methods of exchange that existed long before money was invented. In this method, people exchanged goods and services for other goods and services without involving any other medium of exchange such as money. For example, Johnny exchanges his apples for a Hen with Mahir.

The Barter System
Source: http://nimeshdesilva.hubpages.com/
How does Faida.com work?

True to its tagline, 'Bina Cash, Karo Aish!', Faida.com allows its users to exchange their old goods with something they want without paying anything. The customers just have to exchange their products with that of other products listed on the site by other customers. Faida.com allows a transaction that involves no exchange of money, rather an exchange of goods. You can easily list any of your old or new products that are of no use to you on the site and exchange it for something you want.
Although the idea of barter is not entirely new to the world in this modern age with Amazon's trade-in programme where you can trade your old books and CDs for Amazon gift cards, but the idea of rekindling the trade-ins in India has a long way to go.

What kind of Products can be listed on Faida.com?

You can list and exchange anything and everything from electronics to clothing and from furniture to sports equipment. Following are the categories on which you can list your products:

How do you exchange products on Faida.com?

You can exchange electronics with used sports equipment and all it would take is agreement from the other party to exchange. Like a product? Just send in an Exchange Request or Chat with the person right away! It's recommended that you choose to exchange products with people living in or nearby your city so that you can meet the other party and check the products personally before agreeing to the exchange.

An easy to understand portrayal of how Faida.com works (as displayed on Faida.com):

Looking for exchange offers on mobiles or want to sell old books or buy a used DSLR without paying a penny? Just log on to Faida.com because it's all here.

How does Faida.com earn in this process with no money involved?

“We have a robust revenue model in place, but we're currently looking at building traffic and traction for the site. The revenue will be in the form of premium listings and ad space,” says Vipul Shah, Co-founder and spokesperson of the website. 

-(Source: http://blog.faida.com/blog/?p=107)

Faida.com has brought in a revolution in online shopping by bringing back barter in order to make the world a better, cleaner place by promoting reusing, recycling, and shared economy.
Also, for everything you do on Faida.com, you get reward points. You can use these reward points later to get some cool Faida.com merchandise. Unlike its competition, Faida.com believes in exchanging rather than selling or buying your old stuff because something that's junk to you might be gold to someone else.

So c'mon, swap your unused goods with useful ones because exchanging is better than buying/selling because it promotes recycling and reusing. Go to Faida.com and barter your clutter with useful something useful instead of just throwing it away.

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