OT - The Awesome Six days!!

Never in my thoughts
I had imagined
That OT would be this fun
That i'll miss it, the day it ends
I used to wonder y people call them
"those good old OT days"
cause now i've joined there league
And now i understand

What i got from OT
Cant be expressed in words
I evolved into a different person
Each passing day
Being groomed by experts!
What more i can say...
Loosing my stage fear
I won the world
Maybe not completely
But the confidence has grown...

The awe-inspiring faculties...
Shreekant sir ki english
Anuradha mam ka motivation
Ashish sir ke plays
Trisha mam ke GD
Swapna mam ke games...
Sanjiv sir ka attitude!
All will be remembered
In the days to come!!

Not to forget, "the 49 friends"...
Shilpa ki punctuality
Raghuveer ka 'oo la la'
Humayun ki kahani
Rano ka Zulfi
Satpal ki raajneeti
Pankaj ki speech
Pooja ki gaming
Krishna ki acting
Prateek ki bakwas
Navjot ka gaana
Ranulaal ki poem
And all that i missed...

I remember the days, when i got creeps even on the thought of OT...
Cause i knew we had to speak in front of 50 people, cause public speaking was my greatest fear...
But now when i've done it, it has changed my perspective!!! It turned out to be actual fun!
I even took a step ahead to achieve my goal!!

Those days will be missed, those people will be missed!!! :) :) :)

Maybe in future, we'll be together!! :) :) :)