Follow Your "HEART"!!!

There are lot of moments in our lives when we want to forget all the worries and we want the happiness or excitement of that moment to overwhelm us...
What comes to my mind is y we do so?
What makes us forget all the leftovers and make something new???
It is that moment which captures our attention, our mind!
That makes us happy beyond our expectations!
That is the moment that makes us live, in the greed of grabbing some more of that!
But these worldly ties are the boulders that keep us far from the happiness that we seek!
Y live the way others want u to??
Just choose want u want to be and breakthrough it!!
The Indian society is obviously the rigid one, a lot of DO's and DON'Ts accompany us at every step of life...
But does that makes the others out there better than us??
NO, it is not about boundaries it is about "PASSION"
They follow their hearts...
We follow the already ridden paths...
Try to make your own ROAD rather than walking down the common streetway!!