Godly Existence!!!

Sometimes I am amazed
About the thought that 
Some supernatural powers 
Exist in this world
And sometimes I am scared
By the existence of my thought

People say there is someone 
Who watches you and your actions
But on being asked 
how do they know it
I don't receive reactions

The feeling of someone watching 
And someone directing your actions
Sometimes give me creeps
But sometimes helps a lot
When there is nothing else to say
That it happened because it ought


I don't know how much truth is in it
But The fact that everything that happens has already been decided
Doesn't sounds true to me 
Coz human evolution is based 
On experiments rather than
A live story being preached

Some incidents in our lives 
Or in our near and dear ones lives
Make us believe that there exists
Someone who makes things easier 
For you and your kinder

But a similar happening in our lives
Makes us believe that there is no one
To believe on and no one to trust
The stones are just stones
And the dust is just dust

It is said and believed that everything 
Is created by the almighty 
But the other side of the coin
Marks the human as the father of creation and inventions

A question occurs to my mind
That why did god create 
These complications in our lives
Rather why did he create us 
Or should I ask what made humans
Create this almighty god

I don't understand that what made 
God create the evil 
Cause creation of evil 
Requires an impure thought
While god is regarded as the 
Definition of purity 

I don't know what to believe
And what to not
Does god exists 
Or is it just a thought!!