My School Life:

It is and it will be always the golden period of my life... i'd give a lifetime to live that period back and i bet you'd do to unless u had some real uncommon school life, sincerely no offence...:D
today when i'm on my way of creating my future, i carve for the fun we had at that time, those totally kick-ass days, fully defining carelessness, the classroom rivalry, the blooming love stories, those totally unexpected functions, and our totally obvious participation... all thanks to my totally stupid( mind u only i get to say that...;) ) and out of the world friends...
I didn't really study in the best of all school, but what i achieved today is totally because of my school (that might explain my not so expected grades in school)... and i totally believe that u know what i mean by school coz i know u are on Facebook...:P
I am sincerely thankful to my not-so-awesome school for a awesome school life and totally awesome friends...<3