The Lessons from My True Teachers!! :)

Sometimes in life we meet some people who tend to change the way we live, the way we perceive life. I'm sure you two must have met such people too because I have, and I'm really glad that I did. yes, I'm talking about our friends, who we meet out of nowhere and allow them to leave a mark on our lives without hesitation.
Sharing what some of these amazing people, my school friends, taught me, in their own unique ways:

Srasti taught me to love people who deserve to.
Ankur and Nitin taught me that guys can also be best friends with girls.
Aditya defined rivalry in good humor.
Swati taught me to help others and make them feel comfortable in order to help them settle in.
Enid taught me to be good at heart.
Garima taught me the meaning of confidence and perseverance.
Priya told me what friendship means in her own stupid yet amazing ways be it exclusive visits or shopping trips.
Shilpa taught me that beauty is eternal.
Ruchi told me what madness is.
Anamika taught me to trust people.
Ankita taught me what worries mean.
Meenakshi taught me that sometimes being insane is acceptable.
Aditi told me the true meaning of jealousy.

Suraj told me that music can also be your friend.
Vipul taught me what was the true meaning of a friend.
Harshit told me what humor is.
Harish defined total madness.
Gopal taught me that sometimes even if you don’t understand someone you can still be friends with them!


Arjun told me the meaning of brotherly love.
Mukul told me the meaning of a competitor
Kirti told me the meaning of unlimited fun
Mayank acquainted me with the fact that someone's laughter can also be something to laugh at! :D
Pooja became the example of selfless care.
Jai made me realize the real fun in playing basketball.
Tarun made me realize what not to do… :'D

Thank you guys, for making a difference in my life, making me the person who I am today.


P.S. This is all in good humor, no offense intended! :D

Who are your real teachers?

What are the two best things that your friends taught you?

Share with me in the comment box! :)

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